Is 5Linx A Scam? What You MUST Know Before You Join…

5LINX is a multi-level marketing company that can be considered as one of the most popular business ventures these days. The founders Craig Jerabeck, Jason Guck, and Jeb Tyler, have a combined business and internet marketing record that spans over 40 years, so it’s easy to say that the company is run by an excellent team of professionals who all know what it is to start and promote a business.

There have been so many reviews and write-ups – both positive and negative – about 5LINX and its MLM business structure so I decided to do some research on my own.

What 5LINX is All About

At first glance, 5LINX is a legitimate business that offers various products and services to consumers. These include VoIP, energy services, home and business security, data storage, business solutions, wireless communications technology, and just about any essential telecommunications service or product. Its goal is to provide consumers with the opportunity to save on their expenses by offering alternatives that are more affordable without sacrificing quality.

Services provided by the company are often those of other businesses like for example national phone service networks, but they also advertise some of their own including Globalinx which is the company’s VoIP offering to businesses and residences. By becoming a representative of 5LINX, you can earn an income selling the very same products and generate residual income through their MLM business model. When you compare it to other businesses, it is more like being an affiliate and receiving a commission for every sale you make. With 5LINX however, you also get a percentage of the fees paid by customers whom you have encouraged to sign up.

The MLM Aspect of 5LINX

AS with any other direct-selling business model, you need to generate leads and build a team of your own if you really want to achieve success in 5LINX. When you first sign up, you have the option of signing on as a direct customer representative of the company for $99 or an independent marketing representative for $249. After the initial fee, you will also be a recurring charge of $49.99 a month for continuous access to the 5LINX business system. Upon payment, you will be given access to business training materials and resources which you can use to learn more about the company and determine how you can generate a steady income while moving up the ranks.

You will also be given your own replicated website complete with a back office system where customer orders and payments will be processed. Although this at first will be your major source of income, it is the residual income that attracts so many people to 5LINX and MLM as a whole. While selling the company’s products and services, you are expected to build a network of your own leads and contacts which in turn will start their own business and generate their own incomes. The larger your network is, the higher your residual income as you get a percentage of your downline’s total sales.

Each representative needs to accumulate points by signing up leads and business partners into the business, and once a certain threshold is achieved, you will be entitled to residual income that can only get bigger the higher the number of points you accumulate.

So say for example I sign up as an independent marketing representative and build a network of 20 people who in turn help me generate leads and customers who actually buy the company’s products. Not only do I get commissions for each of the sales being made by those 20 people for my business, but I also get a percentage from every person they are able to encourage in signing up for the network as well.

The Advantages of the 5LINX Business Model

At this point, it is clear to see that earning potential is indeed quite high if you’re a rep of 5LINX, and the good thing is you are selling services and products that even average consumers are using in their daily lives anyway. Gas, electricity, phone services, wireless technology – all of these have become necessities to almost everyone, and the idea of being able to generate an income by selling a necessity is indeed an excellent option. Unlike other MLM business opportunities, 5LINX makes it easier to sell products and services because these are highly in-demand, and the thing is this demand only increases each year.

Aside from this, you have access to a bevy of resources to help you along the way. There will always be trainings, lectures, marketing materials, and support from veteran 5LINX reps whenever you need it. There will be no lack of information and knowledge as you go about building and establishing and your own business.

The Downside to 5LINX

From what I can see, the main disadvantage of the 5LINX business system lies in the concept of creating a team or a network in order to reach your profit target and generate the income that you really want to have. Making money through affiliate commissions will not help you realize your goals of success unless you have a large network from which you can also receive residual income. The question is, is this unique to 5LINX? No. Almost all networking businesses are based on this exact principle and this is what prevents about 90% of those who try it from being successful.

Final Word

From what I can see, the 5LINX business opportunity is indeed a means to earn the income and live the life you’ve always wanted. This is not to say however that you can just sign up anytime and wait for the sales and leads to pour in. As with any business you engage in there should always be a willingness and determination to work hard before realizing your set goals, not to mention a fair bit of money that you have to invest in the business time and again.

Business experts say that unless you are patient enough to wait 3-5 years for your ventures to pan out and start generating profit, you should not consider starting your own company in the first place. The same goes for 5LINX. As with all MLM ventures, the company’s business system is not a shortcut to getting rich. Not only will you have to invest money to make it work, but you also need to spend a lot of time cultivating it if you choose to give it a try.