What Does ACN REALLY Have To Offer?

ACN homepage

ACN is a telecom company that has been around since 1993. Its largest revenues come from its network marketing program that allows people to sell phone services, internet, satellite TV, home security, and several others.

BUT…Is this the right opportunity for you?  Let’s dig a little deeper and find out.

If you’ve been in the MLM industry for any period of time you likely heard of the company and the business opportunity.  Currently ACN operates in about 20 countries including those in Asia and the Pacific.

Maybe a friend or relative told you about it.  Or maybe you found some “ACN scam” stuff posted out there on the Internet.  As with ANY other network marketing company, there are some good things and some bad things you should know before you join.

Some of the “bad things” are the reasons I decided NOT to join, but obviously you can make up your own mind.

What the Company Offers

I’m not going to bore you with all of the details (you can get those from the company website), but here are the basics:

ACN is primarily a reseller or what is technically known as a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO. This means it does not have products or services of its own but rather sells those from other popular companies. Since they deal mostly with phones and telecom, it is normal for you to sign up with ACN but still have a Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T as your main carrier. Satellite TV meanwhile is from Dish and DirectTV, while cable and internet comes from Comcast, CenturyLink, and TimeWarner to name a few.

ACN products and services

Aside from these though, ACN offers members the chance to build their own business by becoming a distributor of these services.  And who wouldn’t want to, right?  I mean these are the services EVERYONE already uses everyday. Plus, for doing so, the company will pay commissions, bonuses, and residual income based on your level of production.

So how does this work exactly?

Well, for starters, you sign up to become an “independent business owner” or IBO by paying $499 (Yikes…that’s a little steep just to have the right to sell their products). The fee includes a Team Trainer Kit that’s supposed to help you get started.

Like most large network marketing companies that have been around for a while, their terms and conditions state, you are not obliged to purchase any training materials or resources after the $499 fee, and that your success and advancement in the company will solely come from your ability to sign up as many customers as possible as an IBO and get them to use the services or products being sold.

Typical disclaimer.

We (should) all know this, right?  Success in ANY home business is based on YOUR hard work.  But why the part about not being obligated to purchase any more training materials.  Well, some teams (not necessarily in ACN) have gotten a bad name for making most of their income from selling their team, training tapes, conference tickets, flip charts, etc.  While you may want to buy some of these, you don’t half to.

ACN signup page

Unlike a lot of MLM companies however, ACN does not pay an IBO for enrolling or sponsoring another IBO to the program itself. The income generating opportunities are limited to the enrollment of customers and their use of the products being offered.

However, you will receive a percentage of whatever they (your enrolled  make from their own customers aside from what you are already earning. For a lot of people and those who have tried different MLMs, the inability to earn based on your IBO recruitment numbers can be a huge deterrent when thinking of signing up.

After all, other companies do pay you a bonus for each person or group you have sponsored, while there are some that offer free services from the company in exchange for your recruitment efforts.

Okay, so once you sign up to become an IBO for ACN, you will also have to pay $99 per month so you can continue to become qualified for the compensation being offered. It is good to take note at this point that those who are on the lowest level of the marketing program are not entitled to residual income, and that you need to have the title of Qualified Team Trainer before you can earn commissions based on your sales.

The Compensation Plan

ACN Compensation Plan

ACN’s comp plan is based on a point system whereby each service or product you sell is equivalent to a certain number of points. There is a table provided so one can determine how much can be earned in a month based on the number of customers and the number of services or products sold within a period. When you sell a phone plan that covers a single plan for example you get 1 point, 4-5 lines meanwhile equal 3 points.

In terms of monthly residual income, the total number of points you incur also determine how much you receive. Based on the residual income table, you can earn 1% per month if you have anywhere between 1 and 29 points, while 30-39 points earns you 3% of the total bills being paid the customers who have signed up through you or you downline.

1% is not enough is you ask me, especially since if you consider $40 as the average monthly bill per customer and you only have say 10 points within a month, you only earn $0.4 in residual income.

acn positions

Final Thoughts on ACN

Is the opportunity legitimate? Absolutely, especially when you consider how long the company has been in business and the countries it is now serving. The question now is if the compensation plan is realistic and will properly reward you for your efforts.

Most people get into this MLM industry to make large sums of money, not just $20 or $40/month.

Honestly, the results with ACN will vary from person to person. There has to be some element of determination and effort if you really want to earn as much as possible from the company and its compensation plan. To do this, you need to have quite literally a ton of leads that you can convince to sign up and use the services you are offering.

There are those who have succeeded and those who have not.

It is all about the way you market your own business and how the customers you interact with react to what you are selling them. It is made easy for you because you are offering something they’re probably already paying for and using on a daily or monthly basis anyway. The trick is to widen and deepen your network as soon as you can if you really want that 4-5 figure income in commissions and residuals each month.