Read This BEFORE You Join Lightyear Wireless…

If you’re researching Lightyear Wireless, then what you REALLY want to know (or should at least) is how Lightyear stacks up in the marketplace with surging competitors such as Solavei, Vitel Wireless and 5linx coming onto the scene.

Let a former Lightyear Wireless Vice President tell you what you need to know before you make a decision.  Plus, I’ll tell you why I made the switch to Solavei and have never looked back.

 Lightyear Wireless

What Lightyear Has to Offer

Like most wireless phone-based network marketing opportunities, Lightyear Wireless offers reps the chance to earn income on services they are already using and paying for everyday.   Which is a fantastic idea for a MLM company.  Not only do you give people an income opportunity, but the chance to save money on a bill they already pay.  Very cool concept!

This is much different than asking people to spend an additional $300/month on an autoship of vitamins/juice/shakes, etc. (who wants to do that in this economy?)

While the low cost of only $59.99/month for unlimited talk, text, and web is a great deal, Lightyear makes it even better by offering reps the chance to get FREE service with their “Get Three and Get Yours Free” promotion.

Basically, if you refer 3 reps personally who use the service, then you can get your wireless services free of charge.  However, they also require that you have 10 active customer points to qualify.  This drastically reduces the number of people who qualify for this free promotion.  I had a lot of reps on my team who thought they had done enough to get free service and then were frustrated by the fine print.

Other services of the company include VoIP for homes, local business phone services, home security, satellite TV, and even travel packages through their partnership with Travelocity. Whenever a rep successfully signs up a customer for these services, he or she will be entitled to either a one-time bonus or on going monthly commission depending on the product.

Lightyear Wireless Phone Plans

How it Works

When you join the Lightyear business opportunity, you are essentially signing up first as a customer who can take advantage of their services. Once you become a customer, you can choose to pay for a full suite of marketing tools and training materials that you can use to start your own networking business and recruit as many customers as you can to the services being provided by the company.

So say for instance I sign up for the $59.99 plan and I decide to earn extra income by referring family, friends, and colleagues. I pay an additional $49.99 or $299 depending on the type of membership level I want and the commissions-earning opportunities I want to be qualified for in order to gain access to the training and marketing tools provided by Lightyear Wireless. Once this is done, I will have my own website to promote the services in and generate leads that eventually become paid subscribers of the service. I will also have regular training sessions and if I so choose can attend marketing events and meetings all around the country to meet other reps.

Now, if I manage to convince 5 of my family members to use the services from Lightyear Wireless I won’t have to pay the $59.99 each month as long as all those 5 maintain their plans. Aside from this, I also get paid commissions on the bills of the 5 customers who I’ve managed to recruit on top of the bonuses I am entitled to just for signing them up.

This is the same for everyone who becomes part of a rep’s network or team, and as long as there are leads that can be generated and enrolled to use the service the company guarantees a steady income that one can enjoy.

Lightyear Wireless Compensation Plan

Good Points and Bad Points

What’s good about the Lightyear Wireless opportunity is that it’s easy to promote because the services and products being offered are must-haves in today’s world. With various advancements in technology people always want to be in the loop – new phones, cheap phone services, affordable internet, and home security – and these are exactly what the company offers to customers.

With other MLM opportunities, like say for instance health and nutrition, it becomes quite difficult to sell products to people who are not really that interested in what you’re offering. Chances are they won’t be able to use these products anyway. This is what’s different about telecoms-based opportunities like Lightyear Wireless. Telecommunications service is an industry that is worth billions of dollars, and there will always be advancements that can open more and more doors to people who want to share the profits.

So what’s the downside to Lightyear? The main problem I see is that you have to continuously work toward recruitment, but of course, that is what the essence of MLM is all about. If you’re the type of person who does not want to promote a product or get people to sign up for a service or even get involved in a team effort then this is certainly one business model that is not for you. Another is lead generation. You see, the success of any MLM opportunity lies in lead generation capabilities and if you’re not skilled in this area you will never get to see the type of commissions or sales that your uplines are accumulating and receiving.

On the other hand, if you already have a solid list or a marketing team which you can count on to generate those necessary leads, you most definitely have a winner in your hands. It all boils down to leads, and it’s either you have it or you don’t.

Last Thoughts

I have come to the conclusion that Lightyear Wireless is a legitimate MLM opportunity that everyone can try. However, there is a need to invest time, money, and effort in this type of venture especially if you’re planning to make it your primary source of income. You probably won’t see a dime in residual income for a period of time because this is not a get-rich-overnight business model – unless of course you sign up for it with a network that includes hundreds of reps who are willing to work under you.

All MLM businesses are in essence the same. You have to invest in them and stick to them for a reasonable period of time before you start seeing results. Lightyear Wireless is no different, and as long as you stick to the guidelines of the company, you will earn an income.