What to Consider Before Joining Organo Gold

Organo Gold or OG as it is commonly called is a direct sales company operating out of Ferndale, Washington. Founded by Bernardo Chua, OG produces and distributes a range of products that include coffee, nutraceuticals, and personal care items – all containing Ganoderma mushrooms which are known in Asia for their medicinal benefits.

Organo Gold is unlike any business opportunity that is in the market because it promotes products other than the usual health and fitness items. This is precisely why I decided to look more closely into this business opportunity and determine whether or not it is feasible.

At present, Organo Gold has distributors around the world, with over a million people from Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia contributing to the company’s revenues of $800 million per year.

What Organo Gold has to Offer

OG uses organically-grown Ganoderma mushrooms in all their products, claiming that they help fight fatigue, lower cholesterol, and control blood pressure and hypertension. At present, the company’s line of coffee products is very popular in the market and has received a lot of positive feedback from customers. Coffee varieties from Organo Gold include Gourment Black Coffee, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Cafe Mocha, Premium Gourmet Royal Brewed, and Premium Gourmet King of Coffee. The company also offers tea and hot chocolate products to their customers, not to mention the G3 Premium Beauty Soap, among others.

Food products are among what marketers often called as evergreen, meaning they can be sold at any time with excellent profit potential for the seller. Along with health and fitness products, food items and nutritionals are perhaps the most profitable ventures that one can get into, which is why plenty of direct sales companies offer these types of opportunities to their customers.

The Organo Gold Business Opportunity

Customers who wish to earn an income by promoting the Organo Gold line of products need to enroll as an OG distributor. This means paying $50 for the company kit that contains, among others, some product samples, a replicated web page that distributors can use to promote the products, brochures, training programs, forms, and back office access. There is also an option to purchase any of the three builder packages: the bronze package which costs $150, the silver package which sells for $450, and the gold builder package which costs $1,250.

There are several ways an Organo Gold distributor can earn an income – profits in retail sales, enrollment of new distributors who purchase the business kit, auto-shipments and reorders from various customers, and bonuses which are earned by achieving certain sales or recruitment goals and climbing up the Organo Gold distributor ladder. In order to qualify for these rewards, one must have a monthly recurring order for any of the company’s products worth $50. Bonuses on the other hand are earned by distributors who can maintain a $50 auto-ship order and a $300 cumulative-value for total sales volumes in their downline. Simply put, the more products you sell and the more distributors you manage to enroll into your downline, the better the income you can expect.

Organo Gold’s Compensation Package for Distributors

The Organo Gold business opportunity follows a binary compensation plan, meaning any distributor can have a maximum of 2 associates in their frontline, with each associate encouraged to enroll two of their own frontlines as well. The good thing about this is that every level gets assistance, particularly those in the lower level frontlines of your distributorship. Aside from this, there is no limit as to the depth of the downline you can create, although of course, there are certain goals that you need to achieve in order to qualify for better bonuses and promotions within the MLM structure.

The challenge on the other hand is maintaining your downline and ensuring that each leg of your distributorship is active and balanced in terms of sales and revenues. This is made somewhat easier because any excess sales equivalents from each of your teams can be carried over to the next compensation period once the team bonuses have been paid out.

What I Like about Organo Gold’s Business Opportunity

Because the products being sold are something that most people consume or use on a daily basis, the entire range of OG items is easily marketable and each distributor naturally has a high potential for success. As such, promoting the products and recruiting new downlines is far more doable when compared to other business opportunities that promote, say for instance, health supplements or beauty products.

The compensation plan is also impeccable, providing a degree of transparency to all distributors regardless of level. Aside from this, it allows everyone within a team to work together toward a common goal, providing assistance when necessary and forging better partnerships among those in the group.

What I Dislike about the Organo Gold Business Opportunity

The main concern I have about Organo Gold’s opportunity is that it does not allow distributors to venture in it for free. There are no referral programs that entitle a distributor a free monthly supply of OG products nor are there ways to join the business without paying for it. Like several direct-sales companies, one needs to buy a business kit in order to get set up. Although the kit includes helpful components and chances for additional training, I feel that this is something that can be worked out by the company even more so those who cannot afford to purchase it can somehow take advantage of the business opportunity nonetheless.

Final Thoughts on Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a legitimate business opportunity in my opinion, although there are certain points that one should carefully consider before making a decision. For one, you would need to come up with effective ways to generate excellent leads, and for another, you would also need to maintain and even improve your current position and the number of people in your downline. Direct-selling is not for everyone, and there are those who will succeed and those who will fail. Your efforts and determination will actually spell the difference between sink and swim in this type of business venture.