Why I FINALLY Joined Solavei

Before you even consider joining Solavei, you HAVE to read this…

In case you don’t know, Solavei is a telecom-based (read: Wireless Phone Service) home-based business opportunity that offers customers the ability to earn money while paying for a service they ALREADY use…their wireless phone! Cool concept, right?

While they are not the first direct sales company to come up with this idea, they are the first to solve some the the major obstacles that stood in the way of the average person having success with these other companies.  But, I’ll get into what makes Solavei truly unique in just a few moments.

First, some basic background info…the company was founded by Ryan Wuerch and is reseller (or a MVNO to use fancy industry jargon)… through its agreement with one of the nation’s largest 4G carriers.  So, any where you expect to have coverage is where Solavei would have coverage.

What’s Makes Solavei Different?

I could bore you will all the details about how fast Solavei has grown (125,000 registered customers within it’s first four months). I could also tell you about all the celebrity endorsements (people like Stephen Baldwin and Danny Gokey), which is kind of cool. But what really matters to people like you and me, is the MONEY.

So, let’s get right to that…

First of all the product is a no-brainer.  Solavei offers Unlimited Voice, Text and 4G Data on a nationwide network for ONLY $49/month…with NO contract!  I’m guessing that’s  cheaper than what you are currently paying which makes switching to our service easy. And, it also makes gathering customers as simple as asking those in your social network how much money they are currently paying for their cell phone service…and then offering them substantial savings with Solavei.

Solavei Phone Plans

If you’ve been in the home business industry before, you’ll LOVE our product and price point.  You see, the problem with traditional network marketing companies is that their products (juice, vitamins, weight loss shakes, etc.) are 2 to 3 times MORE expensive than comparable products in the marketplace.

That’s NOT the case with Solavei…our wireless cell phone plan is cheaper than what 95% of what your friends and family are currently paying for their service.

Wouldn’t that make building your home based business a lot easier?  Imagine offering the people you know a product that has true value!

Solavei offers it’s service on one of the nation’s largest 4G networks which one of the nations leading 4G wireless networks.  This isn’t some fly by night company with 3 cell phone towers in the middle of nowhere…they have a partnership with the 4th largest wireless company in the nation!  So you can trust that there is reliable service and coverage where you would expect to have coverage.

Plus, switching your current phone over to Solavei is no only possible, it’s EASY.

Watch This ‘Bring Your Own Phone’ Video

There’s no need to buy a new phone when you join us!  Just add a Solavei SIM card to an unlocked GSM phone and get the value of our $49 Nationwide 4G Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data rate plan.  This works especially well for those coming from AT&T :)

Click Here To See If Your Phone Is Compatible (opens in a new window)

As they mentioned in the video, if your current phone doesn’t work you can buy a new phone directly from Solavei or find one from a friend, on ebay, craigslist or walk into any Walmart and get a pre-paid phone.  All are great options.

The Business Opportunity from Solavei

Solavei also provides you with an option to earn free service and residual income once you sign up.

When you become a customer and decide you want to share this opportunity with others, you do that through Solavei’s patented “Social Marketing System”. This system is truly revolutionary and is a game changer in the direct sales/network marketing industry.

Want to share the Solavei opportunity with your friends on Twitter or Facebook?  It’s easy.  Just select which compelling video or message you want to share, click a button and it’s done.  Solavei will do the sharing for you.

Overview of Solavei Comp Plan

The Compensation Plan

Solavei customers who decide to promote the services to earn an income follow a unilevel compensation plan (which is the best kind of comp plan in the industry and has created some of the largest incomes).

So… every member you personally recruit will be added to your direct downline, those who were recruited by your first level members will become your second level, and so on.

That might sound confusing, but don’t worry.  You don’t have to understand it fully in order to get paid :)

The downline for each rep involves a “trio” grouping, which is the essence of the referral program as well as the payouts.  With Trio Pay you earn $20 per trio directly connected to you (called “PC1″), and $10 for every trio on your “second level” (called “PC2″).. That may not seem like a lot initially, but trust me when I say that when you join and this thing starts growing like wild fire…so can your income.

I have seen more “newbies” (people who have never made a dime working from home) who are now earning $1,000 a month with Solavei than any other opportunity I’ve every seen.

But here’s where the BIG MONEY come in…

Solavei also offers what they call Path Pay each time you reach a certain milestone in the number of trios and members you have in your network and downline. These levels will determine how much you get paid each month aside from your Trio pay.

Solavei Comp Plan Bonuses

Once you refer additional members and grow your personal network (PC1) to 4 trios and your PC1+PC2 connections to 10 trios, you become a Social Partner which entitles you to a Path Pay of $250 per month plus the monthly Trio Pay. This goes up until you reach the title of Social Executive which entitles you to $20,000 per month in compensation as long as you  maintain the necessary number of trios in your downline and your personal network.

There is also what they call the Path Bonus, meaning you get a certain amount of money when you hit a milestone.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – What If I’m In A Contract With My Current Carrier?  All carriers let you break the contract by paying an early termination fee (typically $100 – $200).  Look at it this way:  If you’re currently paying $120 per month for your cell phone service and with Solavei you’ll only be paying $49/month, that’s a savings of $71/month!  By breaking your contract and paying the early termination fee you actually be SAVING MONEY.

#2 – Why Are The No-Contract Phones More Expensive?  I hate to break this to you, but you’ve been duped, bamboozled, and sheisted by your current cell phone company.  It’s true.  They shackle you a high monthly fee for service by offering you a free phone every two years.  Hold on to something because I’m going to do some math that will rock your world:

Big Cell Phone Company (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint) – Phone cost – FREE 😉  Monthly Plan – $120/month.  SO….Total 2 year cost including phone and plan = $2,880.

Solavei – Phone cost – $300 (for example)  Monthly Plan – $49/month.  Grand total for 2 years…(drum roll please) = $1,476.  That includes the cost of the “expensive” phone.

So, let me spell this out for you…

That “Free Phone” your current company is “giving” to you is actually costing you ($2,880 – $1,476) = $1,404!!!  Did you catch that?  You are getting hosed by your current carrier and they don’t think you’re smart enough to see past the bright shiny free phone.

Well, now you know better.

#3 – What Kind Of Support Do You Offer Your Team?  Honestly, Solavei is one of the easiest home businesses to grow into a large residual income because the product makes so much sense.  But, there are a few tricks, tips and strategies that we’ve learned along the way to help you turbo charge your business.  Available for those on our team we offer our “$1,000/month in 90 Day Blueprint” where we tell you all our secrets.

Remember, when YOU MAKE MONEY…we make money.  So we don’t hold anything back.  You’ll get all our best marketing and referral strategies.

The Bottom Line With Solavei

The problem with most home businesses are that they are based on products or services that most people really don’t want OR…they are priced so high that people would be crazy to buy it through you.  If you’ve tried some of these companies you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, Solavei has solved that problem.  Our product is something that #1.  People ALREADY use every day and…#2. They would actually SAVE MONEY by switching to our service.  It’s a no brainer!

This company and opportunity is THE wave of the future…Getting products you already use at a better price and sold through social sharing.  The only question is WHEN are you going to join?

Now or in 6 months?

The difference is if you join in 6 months is many of the people you know will have joined by then and they could have joined under you.  Meaning you’ll be missing out on all that residual income.

But, it’s never too late to start.  Click the button below to join the fastest growing team in Solavei today.