A Review of the Visalus Business Opportunity: What to Expect and What Not To

Visalus Sciences is a company that focuses on the distribution of health and wellness products. Founded in 2005, Visalus has since become one of the most popular and easily marketable business opportunities across the globe.

A lot of people have been asking me to look into the Visalus business opportunity for quite some time now. Due to this demand and to help readers decide whether or not Visalus can help them achieve their goals, I decided to write a review of the company and what it has to offer to potential product buyers and distributors alike.

In a market that is saturated with health and wellness products that seem to sprout in large numbers overnight, it is very easy to get confused with the choices presented. This is especially true if you are looking for a way to earn extra income by reselling the product or becoming a distributor based on a company’s compensation program. So what does Visalus have to offer and how can one benefit from it? Let’s take a closer look.

What Visalus Sciences Has to Offer

The Visalus product line consists of a variety of meal replacement products, essential oils, weight loss shakes, metabolic booster tablets, and several others. The company’s main attraction however is the Vi-Pak product line or what is commonly called as the Body by Vi challenge. Those who participate in this challenge will be asked to purchase one among 5 nutritional kits that are distributed based on a specific need, like for example fitness and weight loss or excellent nutrition. Participants of the challenge can take advantage of the referral program in order to get their monthly nutritional kit for free. This means recruiting 3 people into the challenge and convincing them to pay for their nutrition kits on a regular basis. As long as one is able to refer 3 people every month, he or she can obtain the Body by Vi nutrition kit free of charge.

How the Visalus Business Opportunity Works

Every Visalus Sciences customer has the opportunity to earn additional income when they buy into the Body by Vi challenge. This can be done by being a Visalus Promoter and enrolling additional people into one’s downline. Similar to other MLM business opportunities in the market, the company offers a percentage of the profits as commissions to a promoter based on the number of sales or referrals. Aside from the residual income, promoters are also entitled to other bonuses such as vacations, monetary bonuses, and even a BMW as long as they are able to meet certain requirements and become eligible for them. The higher up the ladder you can go, the better the rewards and the compensation.

The whole business opportunity for Visalus Sciences is based on their product line. With health and fitness products becoming more and more popular among people these days, it is understandable that a lot of people are interested in getting back into shape and staying that way. The company, through its Body by Vi challenge, promotes the use of their range of supplements and shakes to customers who want to become healthy. Those who want to become a Visalus associate and promoter need only advertise these products and keep enrolling new customers for auto ship orders or retail sales in order to maintain their status or go up the Visalus business ladder.

The Compensation Plan

Visalus Sciences follows a unilevel compensation scheme, meaning that each promoter gets to sponsor a single line of distributors and each of those distributors is also allowed to sponsor their own line. The advantage to this type of compensation is that the greater your distribution line, the larger the income you can generate. Although there is a limited depth as to the number of downlines you are entitled to, you can have as many enrollees in your frontline as possible. Instead of depth in your line of distributors, what you get is width, managing only your frontline and maintaining the status of your distributors on a monthly basis. This is what most promoters become attracted to when they take a closer look at the Visalus MLM opportunity especially because they no longer have to concern themselves of sponsoring those in their downline, seeing that their frontliners are responsible for their own group of promoters.

What I Like about Visalus Sciences

The business opportunity presented by Visalus is already established, and this is one thing that makes it easier for promoters to recruit others into their frontlines. Aside from this, the compensation plan is laid out in a comprehensible manner, therefore making it possible for even the greenest of promoters to understand how they can generate incomes.

Another factor that makes Visalus very attractive to interested marketers is the fact that the company is known worldwide. This lends authority to the promoter when trying to sign up customers or enrolling new associates into the opportunity. As we all know, companies which already have established names in the industry are more likely to be trusted by consumers when compared to smaller outfits that are just starting out.
What I Don’t Like about the Visalus Business Opportunity

As with any other MLM opportunity, the challenge with Visalus does not lie on how to sell the products, but who to sell them to. If you’re just starting out and are trying to build your own frontline, you will need more than just family and friends in order to become successful. There are also times when the need to maintain your frontline and advertise your business will cost you more than what you earn, and this is something that you should be prepared for if you want to become successful.

Aside from this, there is a debate going on as to the BMW bonus being promoted by the company to potential distributors. Although you can lease or purchase a BMW, it will not be registered to the company but rather under your name. The company only provides $600 as a bonus to cover the BMW expense, and those who are in the Bimmer Club need to maintain their status if they wish to continue receiving this stipend.

Final Word on Visalus Sciences

The Visalus MLM opportunity is ideal for just about any customer who is looking forward to staying healthy while earning some money at the same time. However, there are challenges that you need to understand and take on if you want to really see results and prove successful in the long run. The key to this is information, and so you should learn as much as you can before venturing into this kind of business.