Vitel Wireless – READ THIS Before You Join!

Vitel Wireless

With a lot of wireless service based MLM’s popping up, I thought it was time to address Vitel Wireless.  

Is it the best option when compared to Solavei, Lightyear Wireless and others?  Let’s find out…

First off, here’s some background on the company (always good to know who you’ll be working with):

It was founded by Scott Rogers and James Pearson in early 2011, and although these guys DON’T have a ton of MLM experience, they do have over 55 years of retail and telecom marketing experience (including some of the other executives on their team).

The Vitel business opportunity is similar to the others I mentioned above, but there are a few differences worth mentioning.  And actually, one of these differences is the reason I decided NOT to join.  You’ll see why in a minute.

What Vitel Has To Offer

Vitel Wireless is, in a nutshell, a reseller or an MVNO of various phone services (postpaid and prepaid) that include all the giant carriers. Aside from this though, it also offers a range of other products like satellite TV, internet and cable, home security, and card processing services. This is very similar to ACN and Lightyear.  Actually many network marketing companies offer these “bonus” services.

Vitel Wireless Services

However, what does make Vitel Wireless very interesting is that they are able to provide phone services from any network. From a customer point of view, this is a lot easier especially since there is no early termination involved or any of the loops that you have to go through. What you’re simply doing is signing up with a company that can provide an income-earning opportunity rather than purchasing directly from the carrier (Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile).

What I noticed however is that there seems to be no easy way to go to the main website of Vitel Wireless without typing in a web address that serves as a referral link. Why is this bad?  Because it means that anyone who is looking for additional information on the company will go to the other websites on the first page of search results….meaning you could have introduced this person to the company, but now they are going to join under one of the leaders who they find on the first page.  Good for them…not so good for you.

Vitel could provide some basic information on their site and uses cookies to track referrals, which is a much better way to do it.  The same way Solavei does.

How Does It Work?

The first thing you will notice if you look at the membership tiers offered by Vitel is that there is no need to purchase any type of product or service from the company before being qualified to sell or distribute to consumers. This means you can directly become a member without experiencing any of the products or the services first hand.

Those who are interested in building a business of their own can easily choose between 3 membership packages to start earning commissions.

Vitel Wireless Comp Plan

The first tier offers a 30-day trial where you can check out what the company is all about. After this period, you will then be billed $29.95 per month which will entitle you to a personal website, a license to distribute the products being resold, and access to the comp plan for you to get commissions on the retail sales you make.

The second tier or Executive Distributor package goes for $59.95 per month and entitles you to your own website, a distributor’s license, residual income and commissions, enrollment to the Vitel Benefits Network, and the refer-3-get-your-phone-free program.

This referral campaign is quite similar to the ones being offered by other telecom MLMs these days, the difference being that instead of getting it “free”, the company pays your phone bill up to $125 a month. So if you have a $99 plan with Sprint for example and you manage to sign up 3 new members to your team, the company pays that $99 bill and will keep doing so as long as there are 3 members who retain their services with Vitel.

The highest membership tier or the Platinum Distributor package goes for $99.99 per month and entitles you to the Vitel Benefits Network including legal care aside from the materials and comp plans offered in the lower tier memberships. This also entitles you to better referral programs that allow you to get rewards for a certain number of people you sponsor or enroll into the Vitel network.

Compensation Plan

Vitel Wireless follows a unilevel compensation plan for its distributors. This means that for every person you enroll or sponsor, you get a certain amount in return and will continue to do so up to 7 levels on your downline.

There are also Fast Start Bonuses where you get $10-$15 for each distributor you sign up depending on your rank. However, you have to be in the two higher-tier memberships before you can take advantage of these as entry level agents are not qualified.

Why I Decided NOT To Join Vitel Wireless

Even though Vitel is indeed a solid company, I chose Solavei because of three simple things:

#1.  Cost To Join – With Solavei the cost to join and get service is much lower which makes to a ton easier for new reps to enroll customers as well as other reps.  Plus there is no silly monthly website fee like there is with Vitel (when will network marketing companies stop doing this?).

#2 – Social Media Integration – Vitel simply does not have the marketing horsepower and social media integration that has made Solavei go viral. Solavei has harnessed the power of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube promotions by making it EASY for their reps to share this opportunity with their sphere of influence in a low pressure, non-sleazy way.  I’m sure other companies will soon be copying this powerful marketing idea, but this was a key decider for me.

#3 – Easier To Make Money – I know this one is going to cause some controversy, but from what I’ve personally seen it is much easier for a new person to get to $1,000/month in Solavei than in any of the other companies, Vitel included.  Solavei’s idea is that they want to help 1 million people become “thousand-aires”, meaning making at least $1,000 per month.  I know that may not seem like a lot of money, but for so many people that extra $1,000/month would change their life for the better.  Most companies are designed to let the leaders make $50,000k/month or more, while it’s a struggle for those just getting started.  That’s not to say you can’t make big money with Solavei, just that their focus is different…in a good way from my perspective.

Will Vitel Wireless work for you?  Honestly, that is a question only you can answer. It is an excellent company and if you invest enough time, effort, and money to make it work then it most certainly can.  However, this along with any other company does require work.  There are no push button money machines, I know…I’ve looked :)

My only advice is that regardless of what company you join, stick with it for at least 10 to 12 months.  Anything less than that is just wasting your time.